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Windows live writer test2

Okay now here’s it on my main pc. Same result as my netbook, huh?


FYI, I had to publish this post first then Windows live writer could parse it.

Windows Live writer test

this is test of windows live writer

Here windows live writer didn’t parse the theme here in the editor, but preview and source tabs work, as you can see(on my netbook, duh!


I’ll add the photo of it running on my main pc after the break…

Youtube anger…

pc on fire

I’m starting to build up anger as MA’s(adults using bad words[engrish] and all things inappropriate, or Mindless Adults, or Family-guy-ified) slowly report me(kbhasikevin) as spam. I’ll update the list of MA’s on a page, when I create it.

Fortunately, I never post up the links to this blog and my Twitter(kbhasi), so no spammers ever ‘spread out’ and spam me on those accounts. I’ll refer this as cyberbullying outside school/by strangers for now.

Fail Blog = FAIL

This is where Fail blog is going nuts!

Fail blog is so FAIL!

Video test

vid test


test placeholder until actual post comes in…