Monthly Archives: September 2010

20/9, lots of teasing

Now the time has come I’m being teased more.

  • During Science class(yes we were in the lab)
  • During recess(People keep hiding my food!! Includes middle finger.)
  • zzz….

I finally ‘brought back’ my ICT test!

… just as if I just submitted it!

‘Cause i was bored and decided to turn it into a mini joke book!…

Okay… Never mind… it’s hard to explain…Just click more…

Read more of this post is very peculiar today…


See that? That’s from my new PC with a (censored) Wi-Fi card  my I-restored-it-about-a-week-ago PC.

Apparently if you go to normal, it takes you to your local MSN in the background and then pops up a message about it, Google did it first, with no popup, but instead a message “Go to” beside the language selection…


Yahoo then did it with it’s “Stay on Yahoo (country)” button..

(image not available)

. ..(ending not available)

test again…

Okay if you’re wondering why am I doing all this test posts, that’s because I use WL writer to publish (most of) my posts. So every now and then I’ve to make the test post because it cant do it itself…


test again hello world

AM 07-36, Thursday the 2nd

Okay. Now i’m starting this series here on my blog called school stress. You’ll see later on.

So now there is this big beast behind me and honestly, he can be made into so much of sliced meat if he was a big fat chicken. Okay… time for morning assembly…