I finally ‘brought back’ my ICT test!

… just as if I just submitted it!

‘Cause i was bored and decided to turn it into a mini joke book!…

Okay… Never mind… it’s hard to explain…Just click more…

Okay… Never mind… it’s hard to explain…

You see, once I finished my ICT exam I saved it to my flash drive(which was last month!)… Today, I just (literally!) dusted it off and uploaded it to my Google docs as you can see… I also bundled the original copies and photos if you like…(sorry for no original instructions, the scanner at home is broken and I lost the paper!)

Anyways here’s the link….. https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0ByqyTKh0xnC7ZWJhNjE3MTQtMGVjMi00NzY4LTg3MzktZmFjM2QwYTIzNGUz&hl=en


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