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It’s a raining(hazy) day for you and me!

Touchtris wow! download touchtris from freeware pocket pc

Later on in the game, when you see very colourful play area, Pocketsnap it then quit….

if u go there on your cell it throws u…

There was this virus going at and if u go there on your cell it throws up and says “This video is for Windows computers ONLY! Redirecting… Please wait 5 seconds…” and throws up an illegal corn site which doesn’t render properly here…

(By the way, it turns out that some “.dk” addresses were bought up by the same rotten corn, a cybercriminal or the latter could have stole the domain..)

Is the PSI (polluting standards index) really 102? See for yourself…

What a weird start menu


After hooking it to my TV this is what I got….

Problems with my server….

Well I decided to share some stuff with you some stuff about my PC that I wanna use as a server(see left)

Here’s the catch. After I took this PC home to use as a server, I immediately remembered that it had only 320 mb ram. So i took one of the SDRAM sticks from it to the PC parts store, and they gave me a 256mb stick,  the cashier thinking it was a 512.

So I hooked it up and guess what? Windows (xp) reported that it had 512mb instead of the expected 767. When I inspected the stick, I found that it was a 256 they gave(see right). This is what led me to install XP on it and use it for everyday use.

Okay. Fast forward to today. I was shocked to find that XP home didn’t support IIS needed for some of the stuff i want to install. *=IIS needed…

  • IIS(duh!)
  • Vmware server*
  • M$ Virtual server*
  • WordPress(Gotta hate‘s limitations, go for the self-installed one on your very own PC’s web server download from
  • phpBB
  • paFileDB
  • Joomla(?)
  • MySQL*
  • PHP5*
  • Lots of other popular web apps…(?)
  • uTorrent Web UI
  • TightVNC Server(if anything on the system breaks down. I have LogMeIn as a backup if VNC fails)
  • DynDNS updater(duh!)
  • Auto reboot every 1 1/2 hours(I don’t think that’s possible)(The PC has a bad habit of locking up every hour)

From here onwards, I need your help! Just drop a message in the comments, the chatroom or the direct chat widget.

To block 1N7!

Dedicated to: Everyone in 1N7!!!!!

Yet another demo of my fancy Photoshop skills! In fact, it’s PocketPainter, a great Photoshop clone for win mo pda(phone)! (download: )…

ATM fail

Super LOL: Cross out the fabrics

Found at the local bookstore…

SBS Transit Crash win xp

This was supposed to show the bus schedules but IE gave a 403 error… Yes that’s IE kiosk mode 🙂