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The cinema/theater runs on a DVD player!?!?



There’s a change of plan….. uh…

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The condensed version of this post:

  • Removed “KBTV” category
  • Changed blog theme
  • RSS enabled if you didn’t know
  • Freed the subcategories
  • Added extra stuff
  • Some stuff about TV

You’d notice that I have the navigation on top, if you don’t see it, that means someone on some very popular blog stole this post you’re reading my RSS(“SUBS TO MY BLOG ON YOUR FEED READER“) which has no one reading it because i put the links at the bottom

By the way, I also changed the theme from Coraline to zBench….

Ok. so I removed the “KBTV” category because, well, Ok. When I started this blog I thot thought that I would do this as a supplement to a web show I would have been doing. But I started putting  more&more photos that I decided to remove the category on my Christmas springcleaning for this blog of mine. I decided to also free freeeee the subcategories,but I won’t be renaming “Personal thots/notes” to “General” because I don’t want to be those so called hate-children-only-work-for-the-money(aka money-minded and their brain is a 100$ bill/note) people I’ve been seeing in my favorite TV shows. Especially when i sometimes think that my favorite TV shows would be going adult on me. Taht’s why I watch Playhouse Disney instead of Fox.(also because they are showing more NCIS than “The Simpsons”….which I obviously hate don’t like…

It’s more eco to rent a electric bike

By Channel NewsAsia, Updated: 20/12/2010

Electric bike rental may soon be available at PunggolSmile

Electric bike rental may soon be available at Punggol

SINGAPORE : Residents of Singapore’s first eco—precinct, Treelodge@Punggol, may soon be able to rent electric bicycles within their estate.

This eco—friendly and cost—efficient way to travel is a S$40,000 pilot programme by Sanyo.

The company is currently waiting for the go—ahead from the Land Transport Authority.

There are plans to have two rental spots — one at Tree Lodge and the other at Punggol Plaza.

Six electric bicycles will be made available at each station.

To prevent theft or vandalism, users have to register with the company and provide a photo identification.

It will cost 40 cents for the first 20 minutes, 15 cents cheaper compared to taking a bus.

Kelvin Ang, sales engineer at Sanyo, said: “We set the price at 40 cents to encourage residents to change their habits — from taking a feeder bus to riding a bicycle. And this will promote health and prevent congestion to the traffic.”

— CNA/al




Opinion: It would have been better if they added mobile device chargers onboard.

Users will be charged an extra 10c for the first 20 mins and a 5c for every subsequent 10 mins or part thereof. The cellphone connector tip will be provided after signing up and $10 will be charged for a replacement connector tip.

Colorful taxi!


9th win 7


Hidden emergency call button?


Facebook mobile LOL Justin beeper edition



Why do some iphone games use alternate gaming networks instead of game centre?

The surprising thing is that, some games promote alternate social gaming networks instead of game center. These are some of the games using game center.(note the signed in notification on top)

Angry birds(the paid version, there are  more users on the android version)Angry birds(the paid version, there are more users on the android version)

Cut the rope free versionCut the rope free version

Here are the alternate social gaming networks intro screens from the following games:

OpenFeint on Underground 3d roller coaster rushOpenFeint on Underground 3D roller coaster rush

I think this ones from strike knight free versionI think this ones from strike knight free version

Need help with my upcoming Linux distro

By the way, this is a survey. But first, I want to give you a spoiler.

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The most boring part of macosx