WL Messenger Super LOL edition

MSN Messenger logo, 2000-2005

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Okay Due to high concentrated (imaginary) popular demand, I did a IM version starring me and my cousin!…

After doing my Facebook LOL the other week, I decided to do this with my cousin…. (Click read the rest of the article, duh!)

KB: huhoil Smile

Cousin: huhoil kb!

KB: 😀

U wanna choose me a present for cristmas?

KB says (3:14 PM)

i’m here in purf

My cousin says (3:14 PM)


kb, it’s perth

KB says (3:16 PM)

i know

it’s the new msn fashionMessenger

KB says (3:17 PM)

anyhow, how about choosing my christmas present from mum?

My cousin says (3:17 PM)

Okay, so what are your choices?

KB says (3:18 PM)

Pico projector


iphone 4


refurbish mac

ipod touch

My cousin says (3:18 PM)


It’s like a device that has all Apple functions in it.

My cousin says (3:19 PM)

plus, it’s convenient.

so yeahp! iPad KEVIN!

KB says (3:19 PM)

and sart has one, rite?

My cousin says (3:19 PM)

Sat kb. SAT



KB says (3:19 PM)


buy for me


KB says (3:20 PM)

just kiddung!:D::

My cousin says (3:21 PM)

Hold on kb.

You should take the 16gb with wifi.

and 3G

KB says (3:21 PM)


KB says (3:22 PM)

but I dont wanna take a 3g service with it!!!!!!!!!!!

My cousin says (3:22 PM)


Okay then!

You can engrave whatever you want on the iPad at any apple store

KB says (3:22 PM)

16gb no 3g


My cousin says (3:22 PM)


KB says (3:23 PM)

are u a nucler bomp?

My cousin says (3:23 PM)

Yes. Kb. I am a nuclear bomb

KB says (3:23 PM)

i’m now hyperactive

My cousin says (3:23 PM)

I can tell!

KB says (3:23 PM)

i feel like throwing the remote at the tv in my room…

how about a webcam chat?

My cousin says (3:25 PM)

Hold on Kb.

lemme get the laptop

KB says (3:25 PM)


My cousin says (3:26 PM)

She’s using it

later okay.

KB says (3:27 PM)


KB says

(At least we can do a video message…[voice goes down])

Play/stop Save as

KB says

(And then you answer in text…)

Play/stop Save as

You have just sent a nudge.

My cousin says (3:28 PM)



You have just sent a nudge.

My cousin says (3:29 PM)


KB says (3:30 PM)

be a starburst!

be hyperactive

My cousin says (3:30 PM)


KB says (3:30 PM)

ok ok

gonna tell mum

*My cousin signs off*


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