It’s more eco to rent a electric bike

By Channel NewsAsia, Updated: 20/12/2010

Electric bike rental may soon be available at PunggolSmile

Electric bike rental may soon be available at Punggol

SINGAPORE : Residents of Singapore’s first eco—precinct, Treelodge@Punggol, may soon be able to rent electric bicycles within their estate.

This eco—friendly and cost—efficient way to travel is a S$40,000 pilot programme by Sanyo.

The company is currently waiting for the go—ahead from the Land Transport Authority.

There are plans to have two rental spots — one at Tree Lodge and the other at Punggol Plaza.

Six electric bicycles will be made available at each station.

To prevent theft or vandalism, users have to register with the company and provide a photo identification.

It will cost 40 cents for the first 20 minutes, 15 cents cheaper compared to taking a bus.

Kelvin Ang, sales engineer at Sanyo, said: “We set the price at 40 cents to encourage residents to change their habits — from taking a feeder bus to riding a bicycle. And this will promote health and prevent congestion to the traffic.”

— CNA/al




Opinion: It would have been better if they added mobile device chargers onboard.

Users will be charged an extra 10c for the first 20 mins and a 5c for every subsequent 10 mins or part thereof. The cellphone connector tip will be provided after signing up and $10 will be charged for a replacement connector tip.


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