There’s a change of plan….. uh…

garage sale. Spring cleaning

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The condensed version of this post:

  • Removed “KBTV” category
  • Changed blog theme
  • RSS enabled if you didn’t know
  • Freed the subcategories
  • Added extra stuff
  • Some stuff about TV

You’d notice that I have the navigation on top, if you don’t see it, that means someone on some very popular blog stole this post you’re reading my RSS(“SUBS TO MY BLOG ON YOUR FEED READER“) which has no one reading it because i put the links at the bottom

By the way, I also changed the theme from Coraline to zBench….

Ok. so I removed the “KBTV” category because, well, Ok. When I started this blog I thot thought that I would do this as a supplement to a web show I would have been doing. But I started putting  more&more photos that I decided to remove the category on my Christmas springcleaning for this blog of mine. I decided to also free freeeee the subcategories,but I won’t be renaming “Personal thots/notes” to “General” because I don’t want to be those so called hate-children-only-work-for-the-money(aka money-minded and their brain is a 100$ bill/note) people I’ve been seeing in my favorite TV shows. Especially when i sometimes think that my favorite TV shows would be going adult on me. Taht’s why I watch Playhouse Disney instead of Fox.(also because they are showing more NCIS than “The Simpsons”….which I obviously hate don’t like…


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