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What I hate to see in iOS 5

When updating apps…





Does anyone know which twitter client is this?


The one thing i hope to be fixed in iOS 5


How to pull up the old iPod controls(3.x and earlier) on a jailbroken iOS 4 devices

In activator, go assign a action as “iPod controls”. Do that action you assigned, and you will get the following

The reason is on 3.x and earlier, you would double press home button to get that. But now in 4.x and later, double press home button pulls up the app switcher. Swipe to right for iPod controls and again for volume.


Fun fact: The pond in Pocket Frogs is closely resemblant of the in-game of Dizzypad!

This could be a form of thanks to the designers of Dizzypad! Because Pocket Frogs uses the exact same frog shape as Dizzypad, the pond in the game is closely resembling Dizzypad itself, let alone the “moon” and the swimming koi!

Pocket Frogs:




Pocket frogs and Dizzypad are made by the same company and are both available for $0.00 from the app store.

eBay fail: McOffice

macbooks - eBay

Very hard work

Dear diary,

After Dave eavesdropping on my iphone while playing mega jump after school(Mega code: jyuit), I finally made it all the way home while Foursquaring on the bus, I was greeted by my favorite spicy noodles which i hastily gobbled up.

The next day, I got an alert on my google calendar telling me to do my e-learning activites. I hurried there and was suprised to see lots of survey’s on my dashboard.


I decided to rush and anyhow answer everything as “Agree”. Except the ICT question parts where I answer that as “Disagree”.