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How to hack store display PC’s: Hack transparent screen lock

Tested on Windows 7 only.
1. Control-alt-delete
2. “Start Task Manager”
3. Quickly mouse over to Task Manager before Transparent Screen Lock takes over and asks for a password.
Tip: The trick is to end the process, not the task.
4. Tab: “Processes”
5. Find “Transparent Screen Lock.exe” and end it.



Hort! Angry birds in exam questions?!

Since angry Birds has gotten popular in china(playing the game on their Eclipse and Antares phones), it starred in claw machine toys, pencil cases and as you know, you can get it on Pc, Mac, android, iOS, Webos and more, here’s the newest:

Angry Birds in examination questions!!!


Another one of those “You have 1 message, Open message now!” web ads that always point to those things that trick you into subscribing to a premium rate sms service, but here’s the pic. Then the fine print from the succeding website(Iwish the Windows 7 touch keyboard wiuld have a replace texr as you type…)


It redirects through YieldManager advertising to, with a fake online palm reading service.

This is an ongoing subscription service until you quit.This is a mobile application download service.Please seek parental or guardian approval if you are 18 years old and below.You will receive only two (2) sms per week at $6 per sms.Price subject to prevailing GST & normal Telco charges apply.To subscribe, text ‘101’ ,to unsubscribe, text ‘101 STOP’ & send to 76333.Only open to all postpaid & SingTel,M1 prepaid users with mobile phone support GPRS setting.More info,call 68808590 Hotline from Mon – Fri, 10am – 5pm.IDA PRS Code applies.SMS service provider : Sam Media Pte Ltd


What i want is to make Mailbook a reality. A cloud based mail client with a Facebook like skin to it, and also disposable email addresses. Instead of the three icons being friend requests, messages and notifications, it would be 1 icon for each mail account. In settings, you can change that to 1 icon. the search box can be used to obviously search your email, and the 3 links on the right can be Home, Send/Recieve(menu), and Preferences(menu). Did I forget to tell you that whenever Facebook gets a new look, Mailbook will adapt to that skin? Yeah. That’s that. If you are a web developer and want to make this a reality, please drop a comment.

New wordpress dashboard

Hurray!! My blog is better than ever just because wordpress upgraded their dashboard!


 new wordpress dashboard

For more info, read: