Another one of those “You have 1 message, Open message now!” web ads that always point to those things that trick you into subscribing to a premium rate sms service, but here’s the pic. Then the fine print from the succeding website(Iwish the Windows 7 touch keyboard wiuld have a replace texr as you type…)


It redirects through YieldManager advertising to, with a fake online palm reading service.

This is an ongoing subscription service until you quit.This is a mobile application download service.Please seek parental or guardian approval if you are 18 years old and below.You will receive only two (2) sms per week at $6 per sms.Price subject to prevailing GST & normal Telco charges apply.To subscribe, text ‘101’ ,to unsubscribe, text ‘101 STOP’ & send to 76333.Only open to all postpaid & SingTel,M1 prepaid users with mobile phone support GPRS setting.More info,call 68808590 Hotline from Mon – Fri, 10am – 5pm.IDA PRS Code applies.SMS service provider : Sam Media Pte Ltd


What i want is to make Mailbook a reality. A cloud based mail client with a Facebook like skin to it, and also disposable email addresses. Instead of the three icons being friend requests, messages and notifications, it would be 1 icon for each mail account. In settings, you can change that to 1 icon. the search box can be used to obviously search your email, and the 3 links on the right can be Home, Send/Recieve(menu), and Preferences(menu). Did I forget to tell you that whenever Facebook gets a new look, Mailbook will adapt to that skin? Yeah. That’s that. If you are a web developer and want to make this a reality, please drop a comment.


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