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KB Live! Episode 2 postponed

Just a quick update to tell you that episode 2 of my live show has been postponed to next month. “Every 2nd and 4th sunday of the month” has been changed to “Every 2nd Sunday of the month”. The show is still at 7:30pm SGT, and you can watch the show live or on demand at kbhasikevin 24 .

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How to install WIndows 7 on your old Acer laptop

Some proof that this really is my old PC

Hi… ok here it goes…

Dont know what certain things mean? Check the links at the end.

One thing before I go. You’ll have to give up your Empowering technology and recovery partition. For me, Empowering technology is very annoying for me as it’s glued to the desktop and I can’t take it away.

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