I’m still alive

Okay. I know many of my readers are dying to hear again from me. So I have posted this to let you know of the many changes in my life ever since my previous post.

First change: iPhone to Avior

I’m sure you know that I do most of my posts – in fact the last 3 posts I think – on my iPhone with the official WordPress app.


But now I’ve gotten tired of that and sold it away. I still have my original iPad that I got late last year on eBay. What do I have now? Take a guess. No it’s not my el-cheapo Nokia 2630, keep guessing. No It’s not my also cheapo LG phone. Here’s a big hint. I actually gave my phone away to my cousin, and I could only work with my Christmas money.


The answer? Samsung’s Galaxy S 2 Chinavasion’s Avior phone. A budget Android phone with a few kinks: it stutters a little while playing music, it does not have 3G(I’m ok with GPRS, and it has wifi), and some games are too slow so I keep only the playable ones(All three Angry Birds games take a minute or two to load), and the best part is that it has a real TV and FM tuner.

Second change: KB Live! discontinued


Okay, with this I wanted to create a web show about me but however, I cancelled it after about 3 hour-long episodes. It was supposed to be monthly. Here are the reasons I could think of on why I discontinued the show:

  1. Computer performance
  2. Cumbersome setup
  3. Shortage of content
  4. Non-unified chatroom

Computer performance: As I broadcast to two websites(Livestream is the main site and I also broadcast to BlogTV), I try to “unite” the video feed by using Manycam but that slowed the computer. However, Manycam is needed for the BlogTV side as Adobe flash media encoder only broadcasts and does not provide any viewing options. On the other hand, Livestream has everything included in one package, their Procaster app. For the third episode, I decided to only broadcast only to Livestream and sometimes the computer is a little fast but however, Procaster still reported, “CPU USAGE OVER 80% – TRY CLOSING SOME PROGRAMS”. Also I have to have like a minimum of 3 web browsers open – more on that later.


Cumbersome setup: With my battle-worn Acer Aspire 5050, I still had to hook up a few wires because even though I upgraded the ram to 2.5GB and installed Windows 7, it’s still not enough. I have to still hook up an external microphone as the internal mic died. The speakers still work but the left speaker makes weird cracking noises while it tries to do bass. The other speaker isn’t affected, but I still hook up my speakers.


Shortage of content: The way I prepare for my show is I would create a set of “show notes” for each episode, with a minimum of 5 items.


Non-unified chat room: I have to have a minimum of like 4 web browser windows(not tabs) open – that includes my Procaster window and a MSN home page, as well as my BlogTV chat view and Twitter view for #kblive.

The previous episodes are still online at http://Livestream.com/kbhasikevin24

Third change: New mini-series on YouTube


Ever since I got my MD80 mini camcorder(older model shown above, I’ve the black one), I started filming snippets of my life at school, yes, life as a student at Seng Kang secondary. With that, there’s also a little something different – I started doing most of the video editing at school with iMovie, yes I mean it.

However, I realized that Windows movie maker is easier to use, here’s an example why. In iMovie, you drag and highlight the entire file before adding to the timeline, but in WMM you just drag the file to the timeline. Also, to add a title or credit in iMovie, you first click the T, drag the text layout to the timeline, select the background, then click and edit the text. In WMM, you click Titles and Credits, choose the placement, then edit the text, click to select the text layout, then change the font and background color, and click done.

The mini-series is expected to premiere next weekend.

Bonus: New series of YouTube poop coming to kbhasikevin

You heard that right, I made a few YTP’s a while back and now, I’m currently working on a new series of music YTP’s as of 19/1/12, and will premiere a few weeks later.


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