My new YouTube channel

The very video I posted a few hours after creating my new Youtube channel, kbhasikevin. With translatable subtitles in case you’re reading my blog through a translator.

Ok. The beginning of the end.

Long story short: A few weeks ago, I was enjoying what I didn’t know was the last few hours of my Youtube channel, kbhasikevin, on my ipad. The next day, I was logging on(or at least tried to log on) to my YT account and guess what?

Thank you for signing up for YouTube!

That’s what came up in my secondary email account and later, I realised that I lost all my details. Everything. *insert memory gap here*

Thanks to the way my brain handles stress, my stress disappeared the next day. Then, during my school holiday for Term 1(10-3-12 to 18-3-12), I went to create a video, starting with an edited version of Britney Spears’ “Piece Of Me” that I whipped up in Audacity and later I pulled together a summarized version of the story and a teaser of a few of my youtube poops in Windows live movie maker, and the only other video editor I know is the Windows XP version of the same program, Windows Movie Maker 2.6. I use the latter for my youtube poops and the former for all other videos. I didn’t have any tech-related videos at that time, so that wasn’t included.

Now(17-3-12), I’ve got back all my subscriptions and I’m happy. The end.


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