Blast from the past: Mini keychain lights


I really loved these keychains, or shall I say, charms of joy. Then, I realized later in my life, that these are available on one of my favorite online stores, Dealextreme.

I received my first charm of joy back in 2005 as part of my school’s Children’s Day celebrations. Everyone received different colors. But they all had one thing in common: a sticker with the school’s logo.

Sadly, I’ve lost mine in 2007 and cried deeply. Now, 5 years have passed and earlier today(20/3/12) I was looking at the shelves at Mini Toons and saw…


My charm of joy! Like when Eubie finds his favorite flower on his dad’s hot dog stand. I immediately bought it up and got it home. I tried to turn it on and the light was dim. It was two CR2016’s. 4 screws later, and I replaced the two circles with a CR2032 which was a snug fit because 16 x 2 = 32. I remember replacing the battery in my original one with a CR2025 and having the light come on by itself, of which I later stuck a piece of paper.


Later, an idea came into my head. One of my favorite online stores, Dealextreme(or just “dx” for short) has lots of small (electronic) tidbits and so I went there, to discover lots of different kinds, from standard black and white to colored LEDs, even UV and blinkers. All in that little shell with a button, a switch, and a keychain.

Bonus: Here’s a sneak peek at one of my upcoming projects…


Lastly, links to all the different configurations…

List of keychain lights on deal extreme.

UV led:

2 pack white:

2 pack black:

2 pack yellow:

2 pack blue:

2 pack purple:

2 pack green:

2 pack pink:

10 pack white:

10 pack black:

10 pack green:

10 pack blue:

10 pack purple:

10 pack yellow:

10 pack pink:

High powered 10 pack black:

High powered 10 pack white:

Green LED 10 pack:

Red LED 10 pack for night vision:

Blue LED 10 pack:

Blinking 10 pack:

50 pack:

All the colors:


One response to “Blast from the past: Mini keychain lights

  1. Bag Charms 09/08/2013 at 10:53am

    What is this? really nice and special.

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