When adverts hit the WRONG countries…

Really? Some software companies think that everyone lives in the country they’re based in?

This is bad for dumb users who will think that the product is available in their country but when they rush to the company’s retail stores, they’ll get the fright that the product is only available somewhere else, or in some cases even force the company to stop advertising through that agency, and give a compensation to the saddened user. This is why advertising agencies must only advertise through platforms that are isolated by country. This is also why ISPs have their own advertising platforms. Or at least please mark at the bottom of the website in fine-print style visible text the country or area your advert(or advertisement) is targeted to.

Ok. In this post I’ll not disclose the names of the companies, but the products they mismarketed are only available in the USA, but I live in Singapore.

First off, OMGPOP(before acquisition). Their most popular application, Draw Something, had misallowed an advertisement for a certain fast-food product to be shown to the whole world. In this case, the company is also operating here, but their product is only available in the US, after finding out that the website linked to the advert has a store locator that asks for a ZIP code instead of a POSTAL code.

Here’s a tip: Store locators are usually only found on the websites of US-based retailers.

If I’m wrong, please write in the comments. I’ll be really sorry if your comment doesn’t go through because I have Akismet turned on and you can see its status in the spam counter to the right of this post on the desktop version of this website.

Second, Engadget, a very popular technology blog, has an advert for a cellphone operator’s multi-device plan. But however, thanks to my (small) knowledge of US-based companies, I instantly knew that it wasn’t available here. EDIT: All blogs owned by AOL have this mis-advert. EDIT 2: AOL likes to have advertising AND sponsorship only from companies in the US… I just want to let you know that this blog is based in Singapore…

Do you have any similar occurrences in your country of residence? If so please let me know in the comments section.


2 responses to “When adverts hit the WRONG countries…

  1. Johhny Ross 31/08/2012 at 7:28pm

    very nice blog Thank you!

  2. Paul McKenzy 02/09/2012 at 1:52am

    Thank you for the outstanding posts!

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