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The aftermath of your classmate trying to annoy you by calling you during class…



There’s a crack in my Facebook!

And no it’s unclickable.


Everyone take a free PC case!

Yes that’s a shipping truck “without walls” as I call it…


Edit: No this is not a giveaway…

Internet advertising FAIL

This FAIL shows that the advertiser cannot delete their own advertisements(if they advertise using AOL advertising), similar to how YouTube Mobile users cannot delete their own comments they left on videos. The first two adverts shown below are just adverts that look too good to be true*


*=a.k.a scam adverts

KB rants: Toolbars and other items that come bundled with free software

Oh please… This was originally a post about what I want in the perfect laptop, but later it turned into a rant about software that comes included with other software. The thing is, the evil toolbar makers try to trick the software makers into tricking users into installing their toolbar, which is, in reality, an adware unless the users ask for it.

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