KB rants: Toolbars and other items that come bundled with free software

Oh please… This was originally a post about what I want in the perfect laptop, but later it turned into a rant about software that comes included with other software. The thing is, the evil toolbar makers try to trick the software makers into tricking users into installing their toolbar, which is, in reality, an adware unless the users ask for it.


Well. Nowadays, software makers like NCHand DVDVideoSoft(which will be the two companies I’ll be talking about) have a way to force users to install items that they do not need. This is why app stores were created; to serve apps to users with ease of use and without extra bulk. The app store operators pay the developers instead. Or else it’s easier to use PayPal Donate instead of software offers. It’s easy: just put a donate button at the end of the setup, and put a donate button in the help menu. Don’t forget one in the main bar but NOT everywhere in your app.

(Edit 30/9/13: Found a proper picture of a “toolbar burger”)


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