Bragging about what I want… (Social LOL editions)

(Supplemented with images for your enjoyment)

7:15:04 PM Me: hi

7:15:33 PM Friend: hi

7:15:56 PM Me: anyways, guess what?

7:16:20 PM Me: I forgot to tell you that I’m moving to a new school.

7:17:17 PM Me: I also forgot to tell you I received a new email a few days ago

7:17:54 PM Me: it says there’s windows 8 professional for 

only us $39.99 but it’s a digital download

7:18:30 PM Me: and I wanted the new earpods but I’m saving for this instead


7:18:37 PM Me: Kohjinsha Laptop (Black Model)

7:19:09 PM Me: it’s a kohjinsha sc3 one of the coolest ultraportables ever

7:19:40 PM Me: but the price is too high so I’m planning to sell two of my laptops

7:19:52 PM Me: an lg e300 and a hp tx2

7:19:53 PM Friend: oh

7:20:18 PM Friend: ok

7:20:21 PM Friend: cool

7:20:33 PM Me: so I’ll probably go out later and buy a couple of burnable cd’s

7:20:28 PM Friend: i forgot to tell you i upgraded my phone 

7:20:38 PM Friend: from samsung s2 to samsung s3

7:20:42 PM Friend: cause i don’t like apple stuff

7:20:45 PM Friend: only android

7:20:54 PM Me: You knew what I was going to say!

7:21:01 PM Friend: lol

7:21:04 PM Me: it’s white or blue?

7:21:11 PM Friend: blue

7:21:16 PM Friend: white looks too much like iphone

7:21:20 PM Me: oh…

7:21:21 PM Friend: and i dont like iphones that much

7:21:28 PM Friend: i prefer the android operating system

7:21:32 PM Friend: it’s a lot more customizable

7:21:43 PM Friend: i already got 3 different launchers for 3 different looks

7:21:51 PM Me: and i’m sure you know how to delete that “Over the horizon” sample song right?

7:22:01 PM Friend: yes of course lol

7:22:13 PM Friend: i already put my own ringtones and stuff in it

7:22:17 PM Me: um… samsung touchwiz, go launcher, and something else?

7:22:18 PM Friend: i downloaded a whole bunch

7:22:34 PM Friend: yes it came with touchwiz cause it’s ice cream sandwich

7:22:49 PM Friend: then i downloaded..

7:22:54 PM Me: Is your ringtone nicki minaj pound the alarm? that’s my ringtone

7:23:02 PM Friend: go launcher ex, mxhome launcher and sslauncher

7:23:10 PM Friend: i tried a few more others but those are htc ones i kept

7:23:18 PM Me: cool… do you plan to sell your s2?

7:23:24 PM Friend: mxhome is nice but go launcher seems to be the best and sslauncher has a very unique look

7:23:35 PM Friend: nah i gave it to adam as a spare

7:23:42 PM Me: oh…

7:24:03 PM Friend: he plans to use it as a gps

7:24:08 PM Friend: cause his one doesnt work so well

7:24:11 PM Me: enjoy your BLUE ice cream sandwich… or jelly bean

7:24:17 PM Friend: cause the samsung gps is very good

7:24:25 PM Friend: not jelly bean

7:24:29 PM Friend: it’s ics

7:24:30 PM Me: oh? because apple’s one is rubbish

7:24:39 PM Friend: oh and he’s using the s2 as a universal remote too for our media server

7:24:45 PM Me: it does not know about apartment blocks

7:24:47 PM Friend: haha yeah apple’s gps is the worse

7:24:53 PM Me: wait what it has irda?

7:24:57 PM Me: or is it wifi

7:25:01 PM Friend: no

7:25:09 PM Friend: what’s irda?

7:25:11 PM Me: your media server is using xbmc?

7:25:18 PM Friend: oh wait

7:25:20 PM Friend: let me ask

7:25:21 PM Me: irda is short for infrared

7:25:27 PM Friend: ooh

7:25:30 PM Me: like what most conventional remotes use

7:25:33 PM Friend: geexbox

7:25:39 PM Friend: is what our media server is using

7:25:52 PM Me: ok… is it windows xp?

7:25:56 PM Friend: brendan had it too but i think he was going to use a diffferent one..

7:26:04 PM Friend: linux of course

7:26:11 PM Me: ubuntu 12.10?

7:26:13 PM Friend: linux is better for media servers and things like that

7:26:23 PM Me: i said is it ubuntu 12.10

7:26:34 PM Friend: it’s a custom version

7:26:41 PM Me: oh

7:26:45 PM Friend: yes

7:26:46 PM Me: geexbuntu

7:26:48 PM Friend: but i gtg

7:26:57 PM Friend: my friend is having a house warming

7:27:00 PM Me: bye… i thought we were going to skype

7:27:14 PM Friend: sorry i dont use skype much

7:27:17 PM Friend: only msn

7:27:22 PM Me: and also i’ve this iPod nano that doesn’t work

7:27:31 PM Me: it was working until i dropped it

7:27:41 PM Friend: sell it on ebay? maybe someone can fix it or use it for parts

7:27:47 PM Friend: okay bye!

7:28:09 PM Me: bye


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