Redirected YouTube updates

Welcome to Redirected YouTube updates, THE category with the stuff that’s suppose to be in my YouTube videos at kbhasikevin2, but sadly my Internet bandwidth got lowered and am saving money to get a faster Internet connection. I can’t upload videos, but I can still comment, like and favorite YouTube videos, which means I should be able to continue uploading WordPress articles here on my blog. I can’t upload YouTube poop transcripts, as they contain inspiration from YouTube user cs188, and thus may end up as the reason if my blog gets down-rated. Remember when I said that was the last post for 2012? That’s for normal blog posts, but I decided to not count these type of blog posts. Stay tuned(if you want) for more stuff that’s suppose to be on my YouTube channel!

P.S. : I would have added a YouTube widget to the sidebar, but my WordPress installation is hosted, and the admins decided to not allow HTML widgets. If I used a self-hosted installation, I’d put YouTube (and maybe Google plus) widgets in the sidebar.


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