Yes! If you’re seeing this then all those hoaxes and rumors about 22/12/12(or 12/22/12 if you live in North America) are INCORRECT. It was just a movie called 2012 that started all these. I heard that the aforementioned date is just the end of the calendar CYCLE for them.


Anyways, if you’re reading this, then you noticed the “Read the rest of this post” link or something like that. The photo above is what a road looks like without its white and yellow markings. Instead, they had to wait for the paint cart to arrive so instead they put little cone things that remind me of some media player app(I said little because I took this photo from the window of my apartment).

Oh… And my new year resolution? The fact that I’d not publish too many posts often, and I would limit my posts to one-a-day or one-a-week.

Anyways, have a happy 2013 and may the best be with you!

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