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“S Pen has been detached”

S Pen has been detached landscapeS Pen has been detached portrait

I decided to take screenshots of the aforementioned thing that annoys me, besides the “Recommended apps (Earphones)” thing*(fortunately, that can be turned off by going to “Application manager” in settings and hiding notifications for “PageNotiBuddySvc”) thanks to a tip from a site I forgot about), as I felt like trying to start a meme where it would be inserted into the top of photos where things are seen being detached, but also to use in my YouTube Poops.

The first 2 above are in the default font, in landscape and portrait respectively. I would have done the few other bundled fonts(and Comic Neue as well which I converted using HiFont but I didn’t want to complicate myself. Comment if you want them though.

**since that’s my new font after Comic Sans MS and I used HiFont to convert it into something I could use on my Galaxy Note 3.

(“S Pen”, “Galaxy Note” and similar marks may or may not be copyrighted by Samsung Mobile)