Monthly Archives: July 2016


Well, it’s the end of the road for my blog, and the forum that goes with it. In fact, I’m pretty sure that no one actually posts on the forum besides me.

I started this blog in around 2010 as a way for me to log when people bully me in school, as well as other bits of school life and other things I wanted to talk about.

I have aspergers syndrome and always seem to get bullied in school, whether it’s bullies thinking that I’m pregnant (I think those bullies are dumb in the sense that they can’t seem to understand that I’m a male), or them trying to trick me into speaking dirty explicit words and phrases from other languages (exploiting the fact that English is the only language I’m fluent in)
Long story short, years later, I dropped out of college due to my eczema worsening, mental changes and me not being able to concentrate in class as a result, and so I didn’t have much to write, and I no longer had any bullying to worry about. I could live a better life.
Soon, I reached the point where I no longer have anything to write, and so, I’m closing the blog.
But 1 last thing before I go. Where will the future guides go?
I have published guides here, but new guides will be published on my Instructables page, my username there is “kbhasi”. I will also be publishing new guides on a new website at, which as of writing this, is still a work in progress.
So I’ve finally reached the point. Goodbye.