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eBay LOL: The new “P$” processor

So apparently some computer company came up with this new processor called the “P$” and computers featuring this new processor have leaked onto eBay.

Screenshot (92)


eBay Fail: Buy it now yet seller starts bid at S$1


NEW ALIENWARE M14X GAMING LAPTOP, Selling at S$1,999, 1 year warranty, Sealed in box

Current bid: S$ 161.00

This is strange, it could have been his first time posting something for sale on eBay, but no. I did not capture the portion that shows that the seller is a power seller with 97.9% positive feedback. Strangely enough, all his other items are buy-it-now.

(eBay here in Singapore still has the old listing page, my account and community page style even though most of the site is updated. Also, the site here doesn’t have a cart feature)

The one thing i hope to be fixed in iOS 5


eBay fail: McOffice

macbooks - eBay