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The Final Countdown – Windows XP end of support popup starts tomorrow

News: Misleading advertisements lead to hijacked browser settings

Via Naked Security


Yes! If you’re seeing this then all those hoaxes and rumors about 22/12/12(or 12/22/12 if you live in North America) are INCORRECT. It was just a movie called 2012 that started all these. I heard that the aforementioned date is just the end of the calendar CYCLE for them.

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This shows how cool of a person I really am in my class, and a really nice way to end 2012 than with a happy ending as we sail into the year of 2013. Thanks for reading my blog ever since it started in 2010, when I started school at Seng Kang Secondary. Bye and this will be the last post of 2012.

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  • YouTube: kbhasikevin2
  • Twitter: @kbhasi
  • Google plus: +Kevin Bhasi

EDIT 7/11/12:

  • KB nature photoblog on kbhasi
  • Instagram: kbhasi
  • DrawSomething(turn-based game): kbhasi
  • PaperToss Friends(turn-based version of PaperToss 2): Hyper21624
  • GameCenter(Apple social gaming network): 30 KB 03

Bye! Thank you! Merry Christmas and a happy new year from KB!

Copy script to add text to whatever users copy?!? Read more at (your link here)

Ok. This is weird but cool. Can someone give me the code to do this? Anyway…

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Airline magazines now on the iPad?


Dang! I hate it when websites ask for a Chinese name in the sign up form


My new YouTube channel

The very video I posted a few hours after creating my new Youtube channel, kbhasikevin. With translatable subtitles in case you’re reading my blog through a translator.

Ok. The beginning of the end.

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Cool restraunt timer thingy

If you have a restraunt of your own, these are available at


The one thing i hope to be fixed in iOS 5