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Well, it’s the end of the road for my blog, and the forum that goes with it. In fact, I’m pretty sure that no one actually posts on the forum besides me.

I started this blog in around 2010 as a way for me to log when people bully me in school, as well as other bits of school life and other things I wanted to talk about.

I have aspergers syndrome and always seem to get bullied in school, whether it’s bullies thinking that I’m pregnant (I think those bullies are dumb in the sense that they can’t seem to understand that I’m a male), or them trying to trick me into speaking dirty explicit words and phrases from other languages (exploiting the fact that English is the only language I’m fluent in)
Long story short, years later, I dropped out of college due to my eczema worsening, mental changes and me not being able to concentrate in class as a result, and so I didn’t have much to write, and I no longer had any bullying to worry about. I could live a better life.
Soon, I reached the point where I no longer have anything to write, and so, I’m closing the blog.
But 1 last thing before I go. Where will the future guides go?
I have published guides here, but new guides will be published on my Instructables page, my username there is “kbhasi”. I will also be publishing new guides on a new website at, which as of writing this, is still a work in progress.
So I’ve finally reached the point. Goodbye.

The February 2015 Update

(Note: If you see this as the first post after clicking the “Software” tab on top, it means that I am slowly learning software development and haven’t really come out with any software items yet)

Anyway, I know that I haven’t really been posting anything much recently, but for me, that is to be expected since I feel like I have many projects but do them slowly as I’m autistic(for the most part – I have Asperger’s syndrome) and want to balance school(actually college) and my personal life. Some of those ‘projects’ are a couple of visual tours that I’m working on.

Software development

I am studying computer programming and one day, I’ll go ahead and start on a software project that I’ve been conceptualising since early January of this year. I don’t want to tell you what it is since it’s so early on in the development process, but what I can tell you is that it’s going to be an Android-only application for a reason.

For now though, the first app I want to create is not an app, but a partial theme pack for CyanogenMod. More specifically, I’m porting the Comic Neue font(my favourite font if you didn’t know already) and its angular variant into their own font packs to be set as system fonts in CM and other versions of Android that use the CM Theme Chooser. This won’t be available in the Google Play Store just yet since those two font packs for me don’t yet justify the cost of a Play Store developer publisher account(one-time US$25) and I may eventually take in requests for other fonts* if I feel like doing so.

Hopefully, if I become good at my software development, I should be able to code together my own basic web site where I can showcase my developments rather than using my blog.

*that are free and hopefully public-domain since I do not want to bother with licensing, commissions and things like that.

New main phone

I recently got a OnePlus One as a new main phone, but note the fact that I said “new main phone”. I am still keeping my Galaxy Note 3 as a secondary phone since the 1+1(or OPO as the 1+ fandom seem to abbreviate it) does not have a digital pen and pen features which the Samsung Galaxy Note series is well-known for.

New unboxing style

On the subject of getting a new phone, I’m going to be unboxing that with a different style, since I feel that I can be different in that area as well. What that means is that I’m going to be doing the unboxing as a set of photos with some video clips, so I will still be doing a video on YouTube but also a series of photos with explanations of different sizes here on WordPress.

First YouTube Poop Tennis match

On the YTP side of things, I did manage to start playing my first YouTube Poop Tennis match with YouTube user YoshiOG1, which you can watch here(opens in a new tab).

Staying with WordPress for now

I sometimes consider switching from WordPress to Tumblr, but am telling myself not to because I know that there is no zBench theme for the latter, but there is such a thing for the former, and I don’t know when this happened but WP later added a “reblog” feature and an “improved posting experience”(the latter of which I prefer not to use) to compete with Tumblr, at least that’s what I think.

I do plan to one day, port WordPress themes to run on Tumblr as part of my software development, but do not want to think about it for now.

Category cleanup

Hopefully within this month, I will go ahead and delete some of the categories that I haven’t really posted to in a while. although I’m not sure if I’ll even do it or not.

Some reasons why I want a phone running a desktop OS phone(a modern-day OQO if you please)


Failed to open selected file (Samsung TouchWiz web browser)


Inability to flag comments on Facebook Mobile


Me: “I hate it when mobile web browsers zoom in to text boxes!!!!!” (Samsung TouchWiz web browser again, also applicable to other mobile web browsers)


“Browser size = 640×312 Screen resolution = 640×360” (I’m using a 1920×1080 screen on my phone(a Galaxy Note 3) but this web browser(and possibly Google Chrome mobile) lies about the screen resolution!)

Also, YouTube allowing Content ID users to block their videos from being played on any other OS except for their web interface with the Flash player. Talk about censorship! (Photo used with permission from Megamix Central's social media)

Also, YouTube allowing Content ID users to block their videos from being played on any other OS except for their web interface with the Flash player. Talk about censorship!
(Photo used with permission from Megamix Central’s social media)

(Another reason which I can’t document as a photo here: Inability to change the size of elements on the screen. Android only lets you change the text size, and I know Paranoid Android may be able to fix the problem, but I would want a version of that that keeps the best stuff from TouchWiz(S apps, multi window support, air features and smart features as well as the large number of toggles in the notification centre and the ringtones and notification sounds))


Even when i turn on the user-agent spoofer, some websites still give me the mobile version. Another thing i don't like.

Here’s what I would want to use: (Digitizer pen, dock and other accessories not shown)

OQO model 3 basic concept

Or at least this:


Yes this is a photo of a Galaxy Note 3 with a Windows start page pasted on it. I personally use the black one myself.

Why students these days secretly take photos rather than taking notes

I now know why students these days are secretly taking photos of what teachers are presenting to the class.

The teachers go too fast than I can write so I end up taking photos, then if its a document, I would try to remember to go home and convert the photos back to documents which I embed in my Evernote, or paste the photos if they are whiteboard markings.

Google (Drive) really loves their Anonymous Animals…

I was checking out someone’s public file on Drive and happened to find this “feature” amusing. As I’m writing this, I’m ending up with a ton of screenshots on my Desktop.

Google employees who are working on Drive software, if you’re reading this, I recommend you add these (especially the 2 at the top): (these are references to some TV shows I love and you know where to click for more info)

Gallery: Google (Drive) really loves their Anonymous Animals…

Is Google+ turning into Google- ? (Updated)

(Note: This is an extension of a message I left on a petition)

The petition is here(it was started by an anonymous person, not me). I’m also trying to stand up for the millions of innocent YT users who were forced to join G+.

The worse thing about this is that users of their own Chrome browser are unable to comment due to a bug that also prevents users from uploading channel banners.

I’ve watched Google’s own video of their “upgrade”(more like a DOWNGRADE or even an UNINSTALL) where the (censored) employee who designed this (censored) thinks we use the COMMENT box as a SHARE box. Just go to that video and see how many dislikes there are, in this case 4973 as of the time of writing this post.  I really hate how the view setting is preset to “Top comments” and you can’t change that default. In fact, this is what a few users had to say(altered to keep their privacy and my blog’s reputation afloat)

HATE YOU (Gplus user)YouTube   No one wanted this. No one. I don’t think anyone on Google+ wanted to be added to the cesspool that is the YouTube community. (Gplus user)Google+   has a unique community… I’m really not trying to have brainless spammers commenting like “Hey! I got free (insert name of popular electronic device here) at this cool website! go to example dot com forward-slash enter to join with my referal code 12345 !”

I hate you so much right now. I’m going to keep it cool and only use the other services until you sort this mess out. The Internet is not all rainbows and sunshine man. Like someone commented on this video: It’s full of trolls, (censored), and other (censored) (censored) that shouldn’t be allowed in public; let alone in front of a computer.

(hashtag)DieYouTube   (hashtag)staymadclique   (hashtag)GOML

Two reasons why it’s really horrible.
1) Top comments will be set to default, meaning less exposure to other comments and having to change it for every video.
2) If you reply to older comments, your comment willl be placed way down the comments list.

Google: Hey facebook!! Check out all of these new accounts we’re getting on Google Plus!! Pretty awesome, huh?!!
Facebook: Hey Google, check out all of these people on here that actually like the website they’re using and are signing up to it simply because they want to and not because they feel compelled to in order to use certain features that they used to have on another website that you guys didn’t even create. By the way, our social media website is still bigger than yours.
Google: Yeah, well…YOU GUYS SUCK!!

In fact, if you did create your G+ intentionally(without Google forcing you to do so), then leave a message on your profile and temporarily deactivate your G+ account. Make sure YT doesn’t auto-share anything to your G+, and remove the G+ link from your YT profile if you’re that angry.

I wish that person who designed the feature be FIRED from Google because they should be ashamed that they are turning a newfangled social network we would try to get in to during private beta to something that’s as annoying as mobile-only simulation games like Hay Day, or simply, they are turning Google Plus to Google Minus.

Things get worse (or good) if you have an Android (phone) with the new version 4.4, which I’d rather call “Key Lime Pie”. SMS through a cell network ends up in the G+ Hangouts client. Allowing the G+ client app to access your camera content enables “Auto-Awesome”, their answer to HTC’s Zoe, and if you have your phone number on your G+ profile and call someone, they will see your G+ photo.

Screenshot (20)

Just so you know, *I’m leaving +Google+ * because they’re *bullying +YouTube * with intergration that made a turn for the worst. I’m no longer making any new posts, and I understand that the G+ team is trying to *bypass advertising on AdSense* and used forced integration to get people to use it in place of Facebook. Personally I think  that this is *unacceptable behaviour* and thanks +google for a *great social network that was fun while it lasted*.

Update: I found this online.

Oh hate you apple for making us download dictionaries only on wifi


Normally, it would download individual entries but now it wants me to download the entire dictionary. Why can’t it be built-in like Mac OS? My iPad does not have this problem.


Yes! If you’re seeing this then all those hoaxes and rumors about 22/12/12(or 12/22/12 if you live in North America) are INCORRECT. It was just a movie called 2012 that started all these. I heard that the aforementioned date is just the end of the calendar CYCLE for them.

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This shows how cool of a person I really am in my class, and a really nice way to end 2012 than with a happy ending as we sail into the year of 2013. Thanks for reading my blog ever since it started in 2010, when I started school at Seng Kang Secondary. Bye and this will be the last post of 2012.

Remember, you can always follow me on

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EDIT 7/11/12:

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Bye! Thank you! Merry Christmas and a happy new year from KB!

When adverts hit the WRONG countries…

Really? Some software companies think that everyone lives in the country they’re based in?

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