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Copy script to add text to whatever users copy?!? Read more at (your link here)

Ok. This is weird but cool. Can someone give me the code to do this? Anyway…

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Dang! I hate it when websites ask for a Chinese name in the sign up form


Blast from the past: Mini keychain lights


I really loved these keychains, or shall I say, charms of joy. Then, I realized later in my life, that these are available on one of my favorite online stores, Dealextreme.

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My new YouTube channel

The very video I posted a few hours after creating my new Youtube channel, kbhasikevin. With translatable subtitles in case you’re reading my blog through a translator.

Ok. The beginning of the end.

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I’m still alive

Okay. I know many of my readers are dying to hear again from me. So I have posted this to let you know of the many changes in my life ever since my previous post.

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Cool restraunt timer thingy

If you have a restraunt of your own, these are available at


The one thing i hope to be fixed in iOS 5


Comment on your Facebook news feed?

Going back and reopening the news feed did the trick..


Ebay fail: 3x

From top to bottom(ish!)

1. iOS devices connect to iOS devices?!?!?!?!?

2. Engrish

3. Stickers!?!?

Teaser: A different approach with my server….

It’ll run WinXP home and Xampp. This time, it’ll also be recommissioned as my desktop pc.