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Why students these days secretly take photos rather than taking notes

I now know why students these days are secretly taking photos of what teachers are presenting to the class.

The teachers go too fast than I can write so I end up taking photos, then if its a document, I would try to remember to go home and convert the photos back to documents which I embed in my Evernote, or paste the photos if they are whiteboard markings.

Quickie: happiness levels

It seems that not only do I have an energy level(how tired I am), but I also seem to have a happiness level.

Just like my energy level, my happiness level is sometimes low when I wake up. When I’m abroad at my second home during the holidays, my happiness level is above my recommended level, because there are factors there that are better than in my home country, and I try to recreate them here but usually can’t find the time to do so. Those factors break down into the following groups:

  • Weather
  • Entertainment
  • Activities

And I also found out that after my holiday mood ends, my happiness level goes down with it, and since one of my big breaks is near the end of the year, it makes the last week of December to the first few weeks(or months) of school my most boring time of the year. My holiday mood usually ends 1 to 2 weeks after I arrive in my home country.

Oh hate you apple for making us download dictionaries only on wifi


Normally, it would download individual entries but now it wants me to download the entire dictionary. Why can’t it be built-in like Mac OS? My iPad does not have this problem.

The aftermath of your classmate trying to annoy you by calling you during class…


There’s a crack in my Facebook!

And no it’s unclickable.


Airline magazines now on the iPad?


Dang! I hate it when websites ask for a Chinese name in the sign up form


You know a car is good when…

You know a car is good when all the airbag warnings are in Japanese


(By the way, I’m trying to get used to the tactility of the volume buttons on my new switch easy colors case)

Cool restraunt timer thingy

If you have a restraunt of your own, these are available at


The one thing i hope to be fixed in iOS 5