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The February 2015 Update

(Note: If you see this as the first post after clicking the “Software” tab on top, it means that I am slowly learning software development and haven’t really come out with any software items yet)

Anyway, I know that I haven’t really been posting anything much recently, but for me, that is to be expected since I feel like I have many projects but do them slowly as I’m autistic(for the most part – I have Asperger’s syndrome) and want to balance school(actually college) and my personal life. Some of those ‘projects’ are a couple of visual tours that I’m working on.

Software development

I am studying computer programming and one day, I’ll go ahead and start on a software project that I’ve been conceptualising since early January of this year. I don’t want to tell you what it is since it’s so early on in the development process, but what I can tell you is that it’s going to be an Android-only application for a reason.

For now though, the first app I want to create is not an app, but a partial theme pack for CyanogenMod. More specifically, I’m porting the Comic Neue font(my favourite font if you didn’t know already) and its angular variant into their own font packs to be set as system fonts in CM and other versions of Android that use the CM Theme Chooser. This won’t be available in the Google Play Store just yet since those two font packs for me don’t yet justify the cost of a Play Store developer publisher account(one-time US$25) and I may eventually take in requests for other fonts* if I feel like doing so.

Hopefully, if I become good at my software development, I should be able to code together my own basic web site where I can showcase my developments rather than using my blog.

*that are free and hopefully public-domain since I do not want to bother with licensing, commissions and things like that.

New main phone

I recently got a OnePlus One as a new main phone, but note the fact that I said “new main phone”. I am still keeping my Galaxy Note 3 as a secondary phone since the 1+1(or OPO as the 1+ fandom seem to abbreviate it) does not have a digital pen and pen features which the Samsung Galaxy Note series is well-known for.

New unboxing style

On the subject of getting a new phone, I’m going to be unboxing that with a different style, since I feel that I can be different in that area as well. What that means is that I’m going to be doing the unboxing as a set of photos with some video clips, so I will still be doing a video on YouTube but also a series of photos with explanations of different sizes here on WordPress.

First YouTube Poop Tennis match

On the YTP side of things, I did manage to start playing my first YouTube Poop Tennis match with YouTube user YoshiOG1, which you can watch here(opens in a new tab).

Staying with WordPress for now

I sometimes consider switching from WordPress to Tumblr, but am telling myself not to because I know that there is no zBench theme for the latter, but there is such a thing for the former, and I don’t know when this happened but WP later added a “reblog” feature and an “improved posting experience”(the latter of which I prefer not to use) to compete with Tumblr, at least that’s what I think.

I do plan to one day, port WordPress themes to run on Tumblr as part of my software development, but do not want to think about it for now.

Category cleanup

Hopefully within this month, I will go ahead and delete some of the categories that I haven’t really posted to in a while. although I’m not sure if I’ll even do it or not.