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[SOLD] 4 Sale: iPod nano 2nd gen green

Welcome to this new category called 4 Sale, where I put up my items up for sale, and you can check their respective eBay pages. This week, up for grabs is an iPod nano that I had repaired. International shipping available, but eBay wouldn’t let me specify that.

To order within Singapore, just click buy now on the page.

To order outside Singapore, contact me first via eBay messaging.

Click here to go to the eBay page for this item.


Windows Live is going bye-bye! [FORUM]

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 1.49.54 PM

That was the email I received from Windows Live. Actually, all of Windows Live is going bye-bye.

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Don’t these guys ever watch the actual video before rejecting claims?!?


This makes me feel angry, I feel like I want to make my own record company, a music channel and some music. It will have only 1% legal stuff and will have the promotions of music channels, VEVO online music video service, and advertising while also the freedom of ccMixter.

EDIT: Either that, or an online music store that doesn’t sell the actual songs, but rather the rights to use the songs commercially or on websites with copyright detection systems, like YouTube and Content ID.

Oh hate you apple for making us download dictionaries only on wifi


Normally, it would download individual entries but now it wants me to download the entire dictionary. Why can’t it be built-in like Mac OS? My iPad does not have this problem.

What a brand new traffic light button looks like…

The arrow has a glossy finish and has very bright red LED, suppose to tell you if it had been already pressed. The piezoelectric piece is nice and loud, suppose to be for blind people. The actual button is nice and clicky and not slippery.



Yes! If you’re seeing this then all those hoaxes and rumors about 22/12/12(or 12/22/12 if you live in North America) are INCORRECT. It was just a movie called 2012 that started all these. I heard that the aforementioned date is just the end of the calendar CYCLE for them.

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